School Security Consultants of New England

It starts with a conversation.

It’s a tough time for those entrusted with the safety and security of America’s schoolchildren. Recent events have cast a new light on the need to protect students and faculty at our schools. Knowing that this is a priority is the easy part - knowing where to start and who to talk to is the hard part. That’s where we come in.

SSCNE is a group of law enforcement specialists and school experts who understand that the real risks affecting schools aren’t necessarily the apparent ones. Our team of experts have years of experience in professional law enforcement and in school administration. We have been through this before.

Our approach is to start with a conversation about what’s truly on your mind. We will listen intently, and will help you develop a plan that makes sense for your school AND provides the safest environment for your students.

Call us. The first conversation is always complimentary.